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  1. Resolutions

  2. By-laws

  3. Policies

  4. Manuals

  5. Corporate communications

  6. Training materials


  1. Agreements

  2. Contracts

  3. Forms

Our business specializes in translating documents related to legal, commercial and financial aspects of businesses. We play a key role for our clients. While we are attending to the translation of your documents, you have enough time to focus on the growth of your business.

The relationship that we build with our clients improves the efficiency of their personnel at all corporate levels (corporate governance, management and business units). Here is an overview of the main types of document we translate for them:


  1. Articles

  2. Brochures

  3. Newsletters

  4. Reports

  5. Decisions

  6. Releases


  1. Takeover bids

  2. Prospectuses

  3. Annual information forms

  4. Management information circulars

  5. Continuous disclosure documents